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Thirsty for blood? This is how you organize a Murder Mystery.


A Murder Mystery is more than an event. It is an experience, where you have the chance to solve a horrible crime and/or be completely immersed in the story by playing a character of your own. The themes vary a lot between different stories, and so does the level of immersion. We have provided this short guide for your convenience to help you choose the right program for your guests.

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The popular choice

A Traditional Murder Mystery by Tuoni Studios is an immersive experience, where every guest has a part to play, with their own goals and tasks. Choices made and actions taken by the characters might have a huge impact on the story and not even the host from Tuoni Studios knows how the story ends. The only sure thing is that every guest has a chance to lie, plot and backstab without any consequences in the real world.

    Guests: 8-70 people   

       Time: 2-3hours           Immersion:  o o o 

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Excitement and entertainment for larger events

A Whodunit is a show where 5-6 guests play the part of suspects in the Murder Mystery. A professional actor from Tuoni Studios plays the detective who interrogates them and entertains the other guests. Playing the suspect’s part doesn’t require Academy Award-worthy talent: Just the ability to avoid suspicion, even under pressure. The other guests also have a chance to ask questions from the detective and suspects, study the evidence and deduce whodunit.

 Guests: 40+ people

Time: 2-3h      

Immersion:  o o 

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Study the evidence to solve the case

In a Show & Dinner, the actors and hosts from Tuoni Studios bring forth a murder case to be solved by the guests. The evidence and the identities of the suspects are unfolded during the show. The guests have a chance to investigate a real crime scene and physical evidence, or view thet evidence on a website, trying to figure out who’s the killer. In certain stories, the conclusions of the guests might affect the show’s outcome.

Guests: 40+ people   

Time: about 2,5 hours

Immersion:  o       

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