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These general terms and conditions apply between Tuoni Studios Ltd. (hereinafter "Supplier") and the party (hereinafter "Customer") who ordered its event, program or other services (hereinafter "Services"). Supplier and Customer, hereinafter referred to as the "contracting parties". These terms and conditions apply, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.




Tuoni Studiot Oy / Tuoni Studios Ltd.

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VAT number: FI22299429

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Updated: The last update to the general terms of delivery was made on February 22, 2024.



The Customer orders the Supplier’s Services, which are agreed between the contracting parties on a case-by-case basis. The Customer undertakes to order the Services in accordance with these general terms and conditions. The parties to the agreement undertake to follow good business practice and to notify the other contracting party immediately of matters that may affect the fulfillment of the agreement. Changes to the reservation / ordered Services must be made in writing between the contracting parties.


When you verbally or in writing accept Tuoni Studios' offer of Services, a confirmed reservation and a contract between the contracting parties are created. Unless a written offer is not made, the confirmed reservation and the agreement between the contracting parties are created when the Customer makes a reservation for the Services to the Supplier orally or in writing. At the same time, you agree to order the Services in accordance with these general terms and conditions.



The Customer undertakes to provide the Supplier with the most accurate information about the event and, upon request, a list of participants no later than 14 days before the date of the event, unless otherwise agreed. In addition, the number of people must be confirmed four (4) business days before the event in writing or orally. In Services that are billed according to the number of people, the minimum billing basis is the latest known number of participants, received no later than 4 business days before the event.

If the program changes or the event is cancelled, the Customer must immediately notify the Supplier. The invoicing of the amount of work caused by the changes is determined according to the additional billing basis, if the amount of work increases due to the changes. The terms of cancellation of the services are mentioned in more detail in the section Prices, taxes, payment and cancellation terms. 

The Supplier's task is to implement the ordered Services in accordance with the contract created through the reservation. The Supplier's task is also to inform the Customer immediately if the Services have to be changed or their pricing basis changes for reasons beyond the control of the Supplier.



The Customer is obliged to protect the rented premises, its furniture, equipment and decorations from damage other than damage caused by the Supplier's staff or external service providers. The Customer is also obliged to ensure that the reserved Services meet the Customer's needs in terms of the number of guests and arrangements, or transfer the responsibility for ensuring these to the Supplier in writing. 

The Customer is responsible for all the services booked through third parties during the event, which the Customer has booked other than through the Supplier. If the event requires special permits, additional technology or other additional services that differ from the reserved Services, the Customer undertakes to bear these costs.

The Supplier is responsible for ensuring that the Services offered meet the Customer's wishes at the moment when the content of the event and program is mutually agreed upon between the contracting parties. The Supplier is responsible for ensuring that the organized program is not intentionally offensive to third parties. The Customer does not have the right to influence the artistic content of the program without compelling reasons after the program has been mutually agreed upon, and even after this the Supplier has artistic freedom to make changes according to the wishes of the Customer.

The Supplier is responsible for ensuring that all materials related to the program and any technology ordered through the Supplier are ready at the start of the event. In addition, according to the agreement, Tuoni Studios is responsible for the functionality and schedules of third-party services during the event in those parts where the Supplier has been responsible for booking the services in question (excluding restaurant services) and the Supplier can influence the implementation.




     The prices of the Services are always defined on a case-by-case basis. The Supplier reserves the right to price changes if the reservation changes regarding the date, duration of the event, content, venue or number of participants. If the legislation or fees imposed by the authorities are changed in such a way that they affect the prices of the Services offered, we reserve the right to change the prices accordingly. The Customer undertakes to pay compensation for the Services in accordance with the written offer or separately agreed price according to the invoice.


     Program sales are VAT-free in Finland at the time the terms and conditions are drawn up (The Finnish VAT Act §45). Prices with and without VAT for other services are shown in the offer. If the infamous taxman decides to increase the tax rates applied to the Services, the Supplier reserves the right to change the prices of the Services accordingly.

    Payment terms

     The Services provided are billed in two installments: 1) the reservation fee is billed in connection with the booking confirmation and 2) the remainder is billed after the event. The reservation fee will be refunded in its entirety from the final invoice. If the reservation fee is not paid by the due date, the Supplier has the right to cancel the reservation. The Supplier's general payment terms are 7 days net, unless otherwise separately agreed between the contracting parties. All changes to the payment terms must be agreed in writing with the Supplier's contact person.

    Late payment interest

     Late payment interest is in accordance with the applicable interest law at the time of invoicing.

    Cancellation terms

     Cancellation of an event, program or other Services can be done free of charge 30 days before the date of the event and it must always be done in writing. For Services canceled before this, the reservation fee will be returned to the Customer, if the reservation fee has been paid. Reservation fees for Services canceled after this will not be refunded. If the cancellation occurs 10 days before the date of the event or later, 100% of the reserved Services will be charged. Tuoni Studios has the right to charge the booked services in full even if the event is delayed or the customer or guests fail to arrive. This is because most of the work related to event production is done before the event and staff are always booked for a specific event.

    Rescheduling and canceling the event in exceptional circumstances

     If during exceptional circumstances (e.g. Corona pandemic) the restrictions prevent the organization of the event or the general situation is a safety risk for the participants or the Supplier's staff, the events can be moved to a re-arranged date free of charge. If the event has been arranged for such a time that official regulations prevent the event from taking place, it can be canceled free of charge. In other cases, the normal cancellation conditions apply.




     The contracting parties undertake not to disclose any information related to event production or the activities covered by it, which can be considered a trade secret or which can harm the other party (e.g. information about the contracting parties' finances or pricing). The Customer is also responsible for not publishing any information on the Services that could damage the product (e.g. the final solution to Murder Mysteries). The confidentiality obligation also applies to other information that has come to the knowledge of the contracting parties, and is also valid after the end of the event related to the contract.

    Limitation of liability

     The Supplier is not responsible for damage caused to the event venue or equipment by the Customer's equipment, staff, guests or external performers. The Supplier is also not responsible for lost or broken property during the event, personal injuries, possible copyright infringements related to the event or other violations that are not related to the program organized by the Supplier. The Supplier is not responsible for the quality of third-party services over which the Supplier has no influence, even if the Supplier was responsible for booking them (e.g. food quality).


     The Supplier is immediately liable for any damages it causes to the extent that they can be shown to have been caused by negligence or willful error on the part of the Supplier or its staff. In the case of Tuoni Studios, the liability for compensation is at most the amount corresponding to the purchase price of the event production or the produced program. The Customer is obliged to compensate for other direct damages caused to the third party, which are not caused by the activities of the Supplier or its staff. However, the contracting parties are not obliged to compensate each other for indirect damages, such as production losses or other financial consequential damages.

    Force majeure

     General force majeure cases (wars, strikes, natural disasters, official regulations, etc.), social obstacles to performance (illness of a member of the production team, death of a family member, etc.), or accidents and car breakdowns in cases where obtaining replacement equipment or transportation is impossible, can be considered obstacles to the implementation of contract terms or event production. The other party must be immediately notified of force majeure, and in this case no financial obligations will arise towards the other party, even if the event or program is canceled as a result.


If information or images related to the Services are used for marketing purposes or are published on social media or in any publication, the Customer is responsible for the Supplier's name being brought up in the publication (#tuonistudiot or #tuonistudios in social media, otherwise Tuoni Studiot or Tuoni Studios).



If a contracting party has neglected or violated its obligations based on this agreement and has not, as soon as possible after the other contracting party has pointed this out, rectified its negligence or the contracting parties have not agreed on a plan to correct the situation, the contracting party that encountered the breach of contract has the right to terminate this contract immediately in writing. A contracting party that wishes to terminate this agreement is obliged to notify the other contracting party without delay. A contracting party that has neglected the contract or breached its contractual obligations is obliged to compensate the other contracting party for the immediate damages caused by this.

If there are disagreements about the interpretation or terms of the event production contract, the primary source used in the interpretation of the contract is 1) Tuoni Studios' general terms of delivery, 2) the contract for event production with its appendices, and 3) written changes to the contract. Legislation, and ultimately the Kalevala, are used as secondary sources. This agreement will be interpreted and any disputes regarding it will be resolved by applying Finnish law. If the disagreement regarding the contract cannot be resolved through negotiations, it will be referred to the Pirkanmaa district court.

So far, however, none of the events we have produced has resulted in a dispute, and we intend to keep it this way in the future.

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