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Poirot tausta


Mr. Poirot studies the mystery of the dead artist
2-3 h |
20-80 |
Finnish / English

Crime scene to investigate, physical evidence


Each guest gets their own character


No fighting or eliminating other characters

A crime scene investigation, where the guests have characters, does not contain violence

In 1929, the political tension in Europe is on a knife-edge. In an attempt to build bridges, the Soviet government gifts a massive copper monument to Finland. When the celebration for unveiling the statue is about to start, the artist Maksim Tvorcheskiy is found dead in his hotel. There's a great risk that if Maksim's killer remains at large, the political situation between the two nations could go from bad to worse.

Can the killer be found amongst the hotel guests? Is there an international conspiracy involved or is the motive something more simple after all? Challenge the master detective himself and put those little gray cells to good use - before it is too late.

This classic and elegant mystery is solely written by Tuoni Studios and it revolves around the worlds of politics, art and history.

  • Each guest receives an invitation and a character by email (the story has 5 suspects: 1 female, 2 male and 2 gender-neutral characters)

  • Tuoni Studios’ host is always present and acts as a guide to the program and its rules

  • Guests receive name tags and character sheets on site

  • The program does not include fighting or eliminating other characters

  • Includes a set up crime scene and physical evidence for guests to investigate

  • The duration is approx. 2-3 hours depenging on the number of guests and if there is a dinner served during the program

  • Language options: Finnish or English



The five suspects are a small part of a larger guest list, including the Soviet delegation, diplomats from around the world and famous artists like Jean Sibelius. You don’t have to dig deep to find what lies just beneath the shiny surface: drunk politicians, bootleggers, temperance movement, con artists and secret societies. The guests work in groups, trying to solve the murder case, with the help of a famous Belgian detective, provided to you by Tuoni Studios. The group with the best theory will be awarded a diploma in honor of their success.



The theme revolves around an elegant dinner party in the turn of 1920s and 30s. Dressing up for the Murder Mystery’s theme helps you immerse yourself in the story and we encourage such endeavors. Character sheets give some ideas of what the character might wear or look like. We want to emphasize that dressing up is not necessary, and the most important thing is to feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. What you can find from your own wardrobe is sufficient, but if you want to put in some extra effort, you might find what you need from costume rentals, flea markets, or party prop stores.


The venue should have enough seats for everyone in case of a dinner, and ample room to mingle. We will set up a murder scene in the room or close by (we need one table and two chairs), and 2-3 additional tabels to place other, smaller evidence. No need for a stage or an additional AV equipment, but for a group of 50 or more people, the use of a microphone is recommended.


  • Acting or memorizing lines are not required when taking part in a Murder Mystery. No one is forced to exit their comfort zone. However, by throwing yourself into the story and your own character, you get the most out of the program.

  • If you normally need glasses to read, we recommend bringing a pair.

  • Conveying information and co-operating with other characters are the key to success in a Murder Mystery.

  • Some of the suspects and at least the murderer might be lying, so don’t trust everything you hear.

  • If you feel stuck, ask the Tuoni Studios’ host for help. They’ll give you more tips on how to advance with the program or solving the case.



Peetu Maijala, Olli Nupponen and Sami Villa


Tuoni Studios Ltd.


A Gift from the East is an original story by Tuoni Studios. Hercule Poirot is based on a character created by Agatha Christie. All rights reserved.

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