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Resepti murhalle


Can lovesickness be cured with death?
2,5-3 h |
9-20 |

This Murder Mystery uses card mechanics


Each guest gets their own character

Sisältää väkivaltaa

It's possible to eliminate or fight other guests

Card-based Murder Mystery with role characters for guests, includes possibility for violence

The Sensual Sanatorium is the best private hospital in the world. The owner, widow Isabella Giallo, has hired the best professionals to take care of the physical and mental health of the patients. Even their pets get the attention they deserve. Today the staff and patients gather at the bar in the hospital’s lobby to hear some dramatic revelation concerning the Sanatorium’s future.

Here’s a story to take everyone to another reality, full of first world problems of the rich and beautiful. Secret affairs, petty plastic surgeries and over-the-top characters ensure that the guests will have fun. Spanish telenovellas pale in comparison to this drama!

  • Each guest receives an invitation and a character by email

  • Tuoni Studios’ host is always present and acts as a guide to the program and its rules

  • Guests receive name tags, character sheets, and all the necessary cards and items on site

  • It is possible to fight or eliminate other characters

  • The duration is approx. 2,5-3 hours depenging on the number of guests and if there is a dinner served during the program

  • The program is currently available in Finnish only



The characters played by the guests are the staff and patients of the hospital, and a few other visitors. The hospital's lovesick pilot/brain surgeon, a dictator suffering from an obscure syndrome, a confident fashion mogul, passionate vet, a supermodel in need of therapy, and of course a divoce lawyer, lured by the smell of money, are only a few of this mystery's eccentric cavalcade of characters.



The hospital's staff usually dress up in the latest fashion uniforms according to the dress code of this luxury hospital, while money and personality can be seen and felt in the costumes of the patients and other guests. In this story, no piece of clothing or jewelry is too over the top or exaggerated.

Dressing up for the Murder Mystery’s theme helps you immerse yourself in the story and we encourage such endeavors. Character sheets give some ideas of what the character might wear or look like. We want to emphasize that dressing up is not necessary, and the most important thing is to feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. What you can find from your own wardrobe is sufficient, but if you want to put in some extra effort, you might find what you need from costume rentals, flea markets, or party prop stores.


This Murder Mystery uses cards (abilities, secrets, gossip, items) as props and keys to solving the case. When the program starts, Tuoni Studios’ host tells you how these cards work, and is present for the whole duration if you need any help with them later. Reading just one secret card seldom leads to any conclusions, so you’ll need more info from different cards and characters, and then start connecting the dots.


You’ll receive these cards at the start of the program, including any items your character might need.


The venue should have enough seats for everyone in case of a dinner, and ample room to mingle. A dining hall, a cabinet in a restaurant or a sauna venue works miracles. There is no need for a stage nor additional AV equipment.


  • Acting or memorizing lines are not required when taking part in a Murder Mystery. No one is forced to exit their comfort zone. However, by throwing yourself into the story and your own character, you get the most out of the program.

  • If you normally need glasses to read, we recommend bringing a pair.

  • Conveying information and co-operating with other characters are the key to success in a Murder Mystery. Try to find characters you can trust, ally with, and share information with.

  • Each character has their own agenda, so don’t trust everyone.

  • If you feel stuck, ask the Tuoni Studios’ host for help. They’ll give you more tips on how to advance with your personal goals or solving the case.



Olli Nupponen and Sami Villa


Tuoni Studios Ltd.


Prescription for Murder is an original story by Tuoni Studios. All rights reserved.

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